Dark and Darker Armor List - Unique Ruby Silver, Cobalt and more

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Armor can be found while exploring a dungeon. It can also be bought from the Merchants before starting a dungeon. When you collect armor or any other item during a dungeon run and you make it out alive you can deposite these things in your bank. You can also decide to take the gear with you again into the next dungeon. However, keep in mind that when you die you will lose all of it. 

Not every class can wear all armor. Most of the armor pieces can only be worn by specific classes. However, you can always pick up any Armor even if you can't wear it. 

The Adventurer Boots that you see in the image below can be worn by all classes. However, the Armet (heavy helmet) can only be worn by the Fighter class in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker Armor
Dark and Darker Armor

Armor in Dark and Darker is available in different qualities/rarities. Higher quality armor will give you better stats as you can see in the screenshot. Most items can obtained in the dungeons. However vor example the Ruby Silver piece has to be crafted. Unless you get lucky and pick it up from someone you just defeated.

Wearing heavier armor will also impact your movement speed negatively. Wearing lighter armor can increase your movement speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many armor items are there in Dark and Darker?

Answer: There are 41 armor items in Dark and Darker.